10 for 10! with funny man Dalin Oliver

His unique perspective on social identity and the way he incorporates this into his shows is why he refers to himself as The Chameleon. This along with the fact that visually he appears to be a cross between a Jewish Vin Diesel  and Herschelle Gibbs on steroids makes him an absolute hit with the crowds and just people in general, attracting curious glances and even the odd mistaken autograph. I caught up with him recently for a quick chat where I went 10(questions) for 10(answers) with The Chameleon himself.

BB!: So Dalin, set the record straight for us…Where in Cape Town are you from?

Dalin: Retreat, also known as the Rivas lol

BB!: What got The Chameleon from the Rivas into comedy?

Dalin: I’ve always wanted to be a comedian. That dream was kind of killed when I was a child as I wasn’t the best of story tellers. I was also, and up until recently still was, really scared of public speaking untill last year when I started putting together material which I practiced on my friends at home and campus to see what they thought of it. It turned out that everyone really liked my stuff so from there I just googled all the comedy spots in Cape Town and got stuck in. It’s been an amazing ride ever since.

BB!: What gets you up in the morning?

Dalin: My alarm, however, I have crazy sleeping patterns so I usually just jump out of bed and shout and I’m good to go!

BB!: Tell us about your latest show happening @ On Broadway?

Dalin: Well it’s a comedy showcase with Stuart Taylor featuring some of Cape Towns most spoken about up and coming comics. It’s going to be really cool. On Broadway seats 200 people which is a massive audience for me considering I only perform at local comedy clubs which are basically bars and pubs. All the exposure I’m going to get is really priceless so big ups to Stuart for including me, that was really cool of him!

BB!: Would you say you feel more pressured performing along side acts like Stuart Taylor who have already cemented their place on the South African comedy scene?

Dalin: Not really, I see it as a chance to get spotted. Don’t get me wrong though, I do feel the pressure, but I prefer to look at it as a chance for good exposure, so that keeps me focused.

BB!: You look like quite a “solid” guy hey…how much do you bench?

Dalin: I don’t bench. I don’t believe in weights. I believe it’s all about natural weight so I do pull ups. Yes, I probably sound like a jock right now, but really Im not a fan of jocks at all. They have too much testosterone…Just thought I’d put it out there

BB!: Jocks…gotta love ’em. Whats the best and worst part about being a comedian in Cape Town?

Dalin: The best part is when you see all these random people laughing at something you just said. It shows the power of comedy. Also just getting on stage and expressing myself, it’s really rewarding and I get a wicked kick out of it! I don’t actually think that theres a worst part. However fear of failure is always at the back of my mind. That would be the worst part about it for me.

BB!: Who’s you’re favourite local comedian?

Dalin: I don’t have any specific local comic, I am literally a big fan of all of Cape Town’s local comics. I mean we have such a diverse range of people and all the comics touch on various things that affect us.

BB!: Whats you’re favourite spot in town at the moment and why?

Dalin: At the moment UCT Library and postgrad labs, the atmpsphere is amazing lol. I don’t really get out much, studies keep me busy. Im doing a history honours, just incase anyone was wondering. Othwerwise im at the comedy clubs whenever I have some free time.

BB!: And finally whats your buzz! for the next month or so?

Dalin: My Buzz? Am I a bee? lol. No seriously I will be working. Spending lots of time at UCT for my thesis, i am focusing on comedy and coloured identity. Should be cool! Other than that I will be at the comedy clubs Zula, Purple Turtle, Chilli Bar and Jou Ma Se Comedy Club. The big shindig is however happening from 9-11 June @ On Broadway. Stuart Taylor featuring Carl Webber, Oliver Booth and myself.